Town of Lake Luzerne's Town Comprehensive Plan


The Town of Lake Luzerne has appointed the Town Advisory Committee to guide the development of a new Town Comprehensive Plan. The Committee represents individuals from a cross-section of the community and are working with a planning consultant to update the 2010 Waterfront Revitalization Strategy and Comprehensive Plan.


Over the next 6 months the committee will develop a profile of the community that includes identifying community issues and attitudes, locating notable features in the town, and assessing socioeconomic conditions and trends in the community and region. The plan will also seek to identify the issues and opportunities for growing the population; improving tourism, participating in regional economic initiatives; addressing housing, land use issues; improving recreational opportunities; and addressing community service issues including water, wastewater, roads, internet, and cell service.


To guide the planning process, the Town plans to include a robust public outreach effort include newsletters to inform residents and serve as announcements for public meetings. The 1st Public Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022. Residents are invited to send their comments at any time to Tracey M. Clothier’s email ([email protected]) or mail to the Town of Lake Luzerne: c/o Tracey Clothier, PO Box 370, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.

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Newsletter #1

Newsletter #2 (Updated, 08/11/22)


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Lake Luzerne Town Comprehensive Plan: 09.01 Public Meeting Presentation PDF

Vision, Goals, Opportunities, Actions PDF from November 22, 2022 Meeting

Presentation PDF for the 2.7.23 Luzerne Public Meeting 

Community Survey: Summary of Results PDF