August 23rd, 2021

Town of Lake Luzerne 

Special Town Board Meeting 

With Comprehensive Plan Update 

Advisory Committee 

August 23, 2021 


Deputy Supervisor Waterhouse called Special Meeting to order at 6: 00 pm with the following members present: Councilman O’ Neal, Councilman Fazio, Councilman Lewandowski ( 6: 20) . Also present ZEO Karen Putney and Attorney for the Town, David Mitchell, Esq. 

The purpose of this first meeting is to formulate a committee to work on the updating of the Town’ s 2010 Comprehensive Plan. 

Deputy Supervisor Waterhouse welcomed and thanked the Members of the committee for their commitment to this project, noting a goal of getting more townspeople involved. 

Members in attendance were: 

Josh Fisher Rod Gardner Tom Reed Barbara Conway Fred Ury Richard Dressner Wayne Allison 

John Kurimski Pam Morin John Cerveny 

Attorney Mitchell will review the plan approach: 

Deputy Supervisor Waterhouse outlined Items the Town Board would like to see addressed: 

  1. That the town zoning code be more matched with the Adirondack Park Agency 2. Legislation regarding Short terms rentals which are becoming an issue in Town and across the County. At the Town Board meeting on the 13th a gentleman is coming to discuss some of the issues of short term rental. 

  2. Infrastructure work. Old Water lines in the district. 

  3. Lake preservation. All the Town’ s lakes. Hiring of a Lake manager to look at the lakes professionally.

  1. Travel trailer issues and proposed legislation that is fair for all. 

  2. Councilman O’ Neal spoke about the APA and would like it be where the community can still evolve and keep up with the times without putting huge structures. And septic inspections around the lakes and eliminating fertilizers in the watershed and lake areas. 

  3. Councilman Fazio – Thanked the group for having such a melting pot of those in the town. Asked for objectivity in the planning, noting that in his 15 years in snowmobile club who don’ t like snowmobiling but may like to hike so everything having to do with hiking was OK. Some like to ride horses and didn’ t want hiking. So to make this a melting pot so everyone has a voice and can enjoy what our town and area has to offer with no blinders and 180 degrees of peripheral vision for everyone’ s interests. 

  4. Councilman Lewandowski would like to discuss structural development, the Air B& B issue, and what is best for the Town. Lake is vital to the community.

Attorney Mitchell— Discussed Time Frame Components 

  1. E- Code— which is codifying the codes in the Town online which is beneficial to townspeople and to those who are interested in building and development. Easy access 

  2. Redo zoning to coincide with consolidate plan update. This vision for the town should be done every 10 years. It is overdue. Tracy Clothier is the grant writer. 

  3. First step is the process of finding a firm. website to find samples of RFP updates. (request for proposal) 

  4. A formal request for proposal is made and an application will be submitted to you to update the comprehensive plan. 

  5. Copies of the existing comprehensive plan will be emailed to committee members. 

Tracy Clothier has indicated that the decision for a state grant to fund the comprehensive plan could be out in December. We are trying to coordinate out timeline with that. Whether or not we get the grant, the update still has to be done. 

Next meeting will be on 14th of Sept. 

Preliminary Draft of the RFP. 

On the 28th a proposed final draft of the RFP available to the Town Board 

On October 12th Town Board Meeting the RFP can be passed. 

On October 13th the RFP is published noting that sealed proposals be sent to the committee by November 30th 

December 13th Town Board Approval of the RFP and choosing a qualified firm. 

Comprehensive plan – 18- 24 month process. But for now, the attention is on the Request for Proposals. It was suggested to review the RFP of towns of similar sizes in our area. 

Discussion regarding the Town’ s shrinking population as well as the school population; latest census is down 8%. 

Town Assessor advises that Houses are being purchased by LLC’ s in the area. 

Short term rentals. May require local law legislation. 

Committee introductions. 

Deputy Supervisor called a special town board meeting for Friday August 27th at 6: 30 pm to discuss 3 possible resolutions. 

Committee will be back on September 14th 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cynthia Sherwood, Town Clerk