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Notice to Bidders – Town of Lake Luzerne

Sealed bids for the Collection and Disposal of All Refuse, Rubbish, Garbage and Recyclables for the Town of Lake Luzerne (the “Town”) will be received by the Town Board, Town of Lake Luzerne, Warren County, New York at the office of the Town Clerk, 539 Lake Avenue, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846, until July 31, 2024, 10:00 a.m., local time, and there at said office at said time publicly opened and read aloud.

The contract includes all the labor, equipment and materials necessary for the Collection and Disposal of All Refuse, Rubbish, Garbage and Recyclables (the “Contract” or the “Refuse Contract”) in the Town for a five (5) year period beginning January 1, 2025, with two (2) additional one year (1) option periods, as set forth below.

Any Bidder (the “Bidder” or the “Hauler”) bidding to perform services under this proposal shall be solely responsible for determination of the volumes and tonnages involved. The Town has provided historical data to assist in the volumes and tonnages involved.

The Bid shall be limited to the collection and disposal of solid waste from all one, two and three family residences in the Town.
The information for Bidders may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Procedures relative to clarification, interpretation and supplemental instructions are contained at Section 2.03 of the information for Bidders and shall be strictly construed.
Bid documents can be picked up in the Town Clerk’s Office or downloaded from the Town of Lake Luzerne Website at

Each Bid submitted shall be accompanied by a certified check payable to the Town of Lake Luzerne, or a Bid bond of $50,000 subject to the conditions provided in the information to Bidders, Section 2 – Bid Information. The Bidder will be provided with the Town’s historical information about how many units previous haulers serviced. Bidders are required to provide a single per Unit Price for the Contract based on its experience and the historical information provided by the Town.

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids and re-advertise for new bids. Each Bidder is responsible for familiarizing itself with all the terms and conditions of the proposed Contract and the provisions contained herein.

By order of the Lake Luzerne Town Board
Cynthia Sherwood, Town Clerk
PUB: July 11, 2024

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Agendas & Meeting Minutes

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Public Hearing Notices

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Emergency Center


If your power has been out and you need help, are cold, or hungry, call the Town of Lake Luzerne, NY’s Town Hall Complex at (518) 696-2711. If you can’t reach anyone at the Town Hall, call the Town of Lake Luzerne, NY’s Town Supervisor, Gene Merlino: Cell Phone: (518) 361-2404 // Home Phone: (518) 696-5294

The Town of Lake Luzerne, NY’s Disaster Center is also the Senior Center, located at Lake Luzerne Town Hall Complex.

If you are leaving your home to temporary quarters at the Emergency Center, please take a change of clothes, your personal items, and your medicine. NO PETS, but we will do our best to check up on your pets during the emergency outage.

For your own safety you should have the following in your home, and know where they are: flashlights with extra batteries; battery-operated radio, canned food (that does not require cooking) and a manual can-opener; 1-gallon of fresh water (per person and per day); a cellphone; $50.00 in cash; pet food (for pet owners); and a medical kit.

For additional information or to get ready for a winter emergency, visit this NYS website:

Street Light Outages

In an effort to keep all street lights working, we are asking that if you see a light that is not on, please get the numbers off the pole and call the Town Hall with the numbers and location, so a repair request can be made to National Grid.  The number to call is (518) 696-2711, ext 2.

Town Comprehensive Plan

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