Position Vacancies & Job Openings

Last Updated: Friday, September 9th, 2022 (11:40 AM)


Applications are available for all positions in the Town Clerk’s office at the Town Hall, 539 Lake Ave., Lake Luzerne, NY.

HIGHWAY DEPT. – FULL TIME – CDL DRIVER/OPERATOR WITH CLASS B LICENSE -Starting pay is $18.00 per hour with benefits

BUILDINGS & GROUNDS – PART TIME – CDL DRIVER/OPERATOR WITH CLASS B LICENSE – Starting pay is $18.00 per hour, approximately 20 hours per week

DEPUTY ZONING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER – PART-TIME – annual starting salary $18,000.00, approximately 20 hours per week, possibly could lead to Full-time In the future, will work closely with Zoning Enforcement Officer to ensure proper training.

CONSTABLE – PART TIME – annual starting salary $5,000.00.