Internet Service Survey

EDC Warren County and Warren County want to know about your Internet Service!

EDC Warren County is hosting a brief online survey for both residents, and businesses to ask you about your broadband services and quality.

The survey is now available at – Deadline is March 31st, 2021 

Why is this assessment taking place?

The County wants to ensure its residents have the same opportunities to access broadband services as others in the state. This assessment allows the County to obtain input directly from our residents to see where the greatest needs are and advance the availability of broadband.

Privacy of Responses will be protected.

EDC Warren County and ECC will not release information from this assessment to any third party. Aggregated results of the study will be made available at the conclusion of this project.
Why the address of responses is needed

We ask for your address to help us align the responses and identify via mapping technology the areas where the greatest needs are in the County.

Why broadband is vital to business…

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the need for strong connectivity as more professionals and entrepreneurs either start businesses or choose to work and live remotely.

This is especially important in the Adirondack communities within Warren County that need to attract business activity and jobs.

The importance of broadband throughout all of Warren County…

Broadband access is increasingly a part of everyday life. Agriculture is increasingly relying on technology, and seeing a doctor “virtually” is becoming more common.

People of all ages access the Internet to play games, shop or watch movies. All of these activities require strong, reliable broadband access. Businesses making decisions on investments seek well connected communities.