Town of Lake Luzerne, NY's Assessor's Office

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Melissa Genier, Lake Luzerne Assessor — Serving the Town Since 2016

Office Hours

Day of the WeekAvailability
Mondays8:15 AM-3 PM
Tuesdays8:15 AM-3 PM
Thursdays8:15 AM-3 PM (3-4 PM by Appointment Only)
Fridays8:15 AM-3 PM (3-4 PM by Appointment Only)

Contact Information

Phone: (518) 696-2711, ext. 5

Fax: (518) 696-2773

NOTICE: The Town Assessor for Lake Luzerne, NY is performing a town-wide data update. Updated pictures will be taken of all parcels that have a structure(s) and/or improvements(s). For questions, call (518) 696-2711, ext. 5.

Mission Statement

We strive to produce an assessment roll that is fair and provides for an equitable distribution of the tax levy. We want our property owners to be knowledgeable, so we are eager to explain our valuation methodology and assessment practices. We encourage an open dialogue with our taxpayers.

Primary Duties

The assessor is responsible for identifying and inventorying every parcel in the Town; maintaining accurate data is vital to the valuation process.

The assessor must estimate the value of each parcel based on its condition & use; therefore, the assessor monitors sales activity to verify the level of assessed values compared to the market.

The assessor must process exemption applications, then incorporate them into the assessment roll.

The town’s tax base is computed by totaling assessments then subtracting exemptions.

2023 Town of Lake Luzerne, NY’s Assessment Statistics

  • Lake Luzerne has 2,991 parcels with a taxable town value of $435,651,088
  • 2023 Level of Assessment: 74%

The current Assessment Roll may be inspected at the Assessor’s Office in the Town Center at 539 Lake Avenue, or on the Warren County website at

PLEASE NOTE: Our office needs to keep mailing addresses up to date; please advise when changed.

Taxation Process

The BUDGETS of the town, county and school districts determine the TOTAL amount of tax to be raised.

The ASSESSED VALUE determines the SHARE of the tax levy that each owner will pay.

Board of Assessment Review: A panel of five town residents, appointed by the Town Board to review applications from any property owner who disagrees with an assessed value. The Board meets once a year – the 4th Tuesday of May (after the Tentative Roll has been filed).

2023 Members: John Kurimsky, Pamela Petteys, Paulette Zubal, Linda Mason, Annie McMahon (Alternate: Fred Gilles)

Exemptions: New York State offers several exemptions that may reduce the tax bill for QUALIFIED RESIDENTS. Find our bulletin (below) that lists the most common benefits. application forms are available at the Town Center OR can be found at the Warren County website. The county’s web-site is a good source of other real property information and maps. On the navigation screen you will find “ links” which will take you to the New York State website. You will be able to click on subjects, such as: What if I disagree with my assessment?, Job of the Assessor, How the Property Tax Works,Valuing and Assessing Real Property.

Key Dates in the Assessment Calendar:

  • Valuation Date – July 1st / preceding roll year,
  • Taxable Status Date – March 1st,
  • Tentative Roll Filing – May 1st,
  • Board of Review Hearing – 4th Tuesday of May, 4pm to 8pm
  • Final Roll Filing – July 1st (values for next property tax cycle)

Lake Luzerne, NY Property Owners Exemption Bulletin

If Lake Luzerne is your PRIMARY residence — you may be eligible for:

  • BASIC STAR tax exemption — MOST homeowners qualify – New owners register with NY State by either phone: (518) 457-2036 or  online at
  • ENHANCED STAR exemption — owner must be 65 by December 31st & must have proof of income EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN $93,200 for 2023.  New owners register with NY State. Current Basic STAR exemption recipients applying for Enhanced STAR that are NOT in the credit/check program complete application with the Assessor.
  • SENIOR exemption — 65 years old by March 1st and proof of income based on limits below:
    • LESS than $20,700 for Corinth School exemption
    • LESS than $23,700 for Town exemption
    • LESS than $37,399 for Warren County exemption
    • LESS than $37,399 for Hadley-Luzerne School exemption
  • VETERANS exemption — owner must have served on active duty, different % of benefits based on when and where veteran served


With the exception of the new STAR credit exemptions deadline of the last day school taxes are due, without penalty.


For information, call the Assessor’s Office at (518) 696-2711 ext 5.