Disaster Center

If your power has been out and you need help, are cold, or hungry, call the Town of Lake Luzerne at (518) 696-2711.
If you can’t reach anyone at the Town Hall, call the Supervisor:

Gene Merlino
(518) 361-2404 (Cell Phone)
(518) 696-5294 (Home phone)

If you need immediate help call 911

The Emergency Center is also the Senior Center at the Town Hall.  If you are leaving your home to temporary quarters at the Emergency Center, please take a change of clothes, your personal items and your medicine – NO PETS but we will do our best to check up on your pets during the emergency outage.

For your own safety you should have the following in your home, and know where they are:

  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • battery operated radio
  • canned food that does not require cooking and a manual can opener
  • one gallon of fresh water per person per day
  • a cell phone
  • $50 in cash
  • Pet food- if you own a pet
  • Medical kit

For additional information or to get ready for a winter emergency visit this NYS website: http://www.semo.state.ny.us/info/publicsafety/winterprepare.cfm