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AFS: Camp Knife w/ Jordan LaMothe

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

3 days.Ê 9:00 am Ð 4:00 pm.Ê Tuition $435. Member Tuition $375. Materials fee $75. A heavy chopping knife is an invaluable tool for clearing brush and splitting kindling. This is a comprehensive introduction to bladesmithing. Each student will forge a blade using a gas forge and hand hammer, grind, heat treat and finish the blade with a wood handle. Emphasis will be placed on ergonomic design, edge geometry and heat treating to maximize performance of a working knife. Special Notes: Hard shoes and long pants are required for studentÕs safety.


Southern Adirondack Homesteading Festival

Washington County Fairgrounds 392 Old Schuylerville Road, Greenwich

From the Facebook Event Page: "Join us for hands-on workshops, classes, and community learning on poultry, pruning, seeds, marketing, beekeeping, and more! Full Schedule and Additional Information to Come!"

AFS: Walk on the Wild Side Ð Introduction to Foraging w/ Margo Mullein

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

1/2 day. 9am-12pm. Tuition $73. Member Tuition $58. Materials fee $12. The plants are whisperingÉbeckoning us to gather Òin the wild.Ó This class is for those who would like to answer that call. To work with the plants at their peak in the location in which they thrive! Using techniques from various earth-based traditions, discover the many benefits of wild foraging including: approaching the plants with an open and receptive heart, working intuitively, setting intentions for the exchange, asking permission as a way of giving respect, giving thanks, wild plant identification, and making herbal preparations on the spot!


AFS: Square Foot Gardening w/ Patricia Goldberg

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

1 day. 9am-3pm. Tuition $80. Member Tuition $70. Materials fee $5. Learn all about Square Foot gardening from a local gardening guru. Square Foot gardening is the practice of planning small but intensively planted gardens. It combines concepts from other organic gardening methods, including composting, closely planted raised beds and attention to a small, clearly defined area. It is a high-yield, space-saving and time-saving gardening technique. Come learn from a pro, watch nature do her work, and then come back during the summer to tend your garden and harvest your efforts. Though the class is geared to vegetable gardening, the techniques discussed are applicable to other types of gardening as well. A terrific class for beginning gardeners or experts alike Ð and a great way to get out in the sun and enjoy our Adirondacks!


AFS: Bat Houses w/ Jim Schreiner

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

1 day. 9am-4pm.Ê Tuition $130. Member Tuition $105. Materials fee $35. A bat can eat up to 12,000 biting Adirondack insects a night! Build a comfy little condo for our furry friends and keep the bugs in your area under control.


AFS: Traditional Herbalism w/ Margo Mullein

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

1/2 day. 1pm-4pm. Tuition $73. Member Tuition $58. Materials fee $18. The use of plants for wellness, nutrition and balance has been practiced for thousands of years in the Adirondacks and cultures around the globe. Discover what they knew and passed down for generations. In this course youÕll get hands-on experience in traditional practices for transforming raw plant material into beneficial preparations with a focus on enhancing the wellbeing of our body system organs. This class is for all levels and open to ages 13 and up. Special Notes: Please note that each offering will have a different focus as follows: Saturday, May 20: Nutritional Spring Greens (Detoxification / Liver), Friday, July 14: Happy Heart Tonic (Cardiovascular), Friday, August 11th: Relax, Dream, Sleep (Nurturing the Nervous System), and Saturday, September 16th: Herbs for Healthy Skin (Our bodyÕs biggest organ).


Live Music @ 1,000 Acres Ranch: Shameless

1000 Acres Ranch 465 Warrensburg Road, Stony Creek

If you missed Shameless last time they were here, you won't want to miss them this time! Get your buns over to the ranch for some good ol' country rock and a nice cold beverage.